Concerts I’ve been to since the pandemic started

It’s over now, but I’ll still track this.

  1. Red Fang

    I think it’s been over a dozen years since I saw Red Fang last. They’ve had a few albums and hits since then, but they ended with Prehistoric Dog which brought the house down and finally got me and everyone else into the pit.

    Also my wife was there, who has since become a big fan too, and it was really nice to enjoy it and headbang together.

  2. Teen Mortgage

    This duo opened for Red Fang. We only caught a few songs, and they suffered from “opener” syndrome where the sound guy makes them sound like shit. But listening to their recorded music, I dig ‘em (not the band name though, that’s not great).

  3. The Hives

    After a decade-long break, The Hives are back. This was their first show in NYC in over 11 years. They played a tight 45min set, hitting all the hits, and the front man had really great stage presence and crowd skills. Super fun.

    I’ll update this single to the full new album when it releases next month.

  4. One of my favorite albums of 2022, and a fun concert. One of those times the sound guy did a fantastic job and my ears didn’t hurt afterwards.

  5. The 20th anniversary tour. They played the album straight through and it was magical. I wore a mask and planned to stay in the back, but I couldn’t help myself and went into the pit during the second song. I started to feel ill the next day and was COVID-positive for the first time a few days later.

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