New releases I’m interested in

  1. Becca Mancari

    I started out wanting to like this album, but as the tracks progressed, I found myself increasingly uninterested. It’s not bad—just forgettable. I went back and listened to some stuff off her earlier records, and I think she is not well-served by the progression to the more slickly produced sound of this new album. It sounds like a million other albums and nothing stands out.

  2. Ashley Bathgate

  3. Golden Mean

  4. Sonny & The Sunsets

  5. Ratboys, The Window

  6. Buck Meek, Haunted Mountain

  7. Hiss Golden Messenger

  8. Diners

  9. Infinite River

  10. Helios

  11. Dustin Wong

  12. The Clientele

  13. Guided By Voices

    I have been aware of GBV for years but for no good reason, I never really paid them much mind. I have started listening to their albums somewhat regularly over the last year and would now consider myself a late-in-life convert. Nothing groundbreaking or shocking on this one, but if you like their stuff, you'll like this one. I do!

  14. Julie Byrne

    I get why people like this album but I think it’s not for me. Too whispery and ethereal—all the tracks kind of blend together to my ear. I think maybe if I were a person who listens to music primarily for the lyrics—I don’t ignore them completely but they are not usually what I’m there for—I might get more out of this one.

  15. Youth Valley

    I really like this album but then, I am a sucker for late-80s/early-90s style shoegazey stuff. If you don’t like that, you won’t like this, but quite enjoyed it and listened to it three times in a single day.

  16. Molly Tuttle, Golden Highway

    I saw this band play at the Green River Festival a few years ago. I enjoyed their set and I enjoyed this album—a nice blend of bluegrass and folk, played well—but it kind of feels like background music to me.

  17. ODESZA, Yellow House

    This album is… okay, I guess. It isn’t terrible, but it didn’t do much for me. YMMV.

  18. Greta Van Fleet

    I’ve got no problem with retro sounds—bands that devote themselves to trying to recapture the sound and spirit of prior musical eras—but despite having given them a number of tries, I just can’t get into this band. I can understand the appeal, but they just don’t do much for me. I feel like they’re trying to hard, especially the singer.

  19. I enjoyed this album, but I wasn’t wowed. It has that sort of worn-in, comfortable feeling of a band that knows its stuff. Maybe they don’t play with as much urgency as they did twenty years ago, but that’s fine. I appreciate a band that knows how to age gracefully.

  20. Half Japanese

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