Most listened albums

The albums I've listened to most since 2007, according to my statistics. In order, with the most listened first.

  1. Radiohead, In Rainbows

  2. Islaja

  3. Big Star

    A placeholder – it's actually Big Star's Third/Sister Lovers combined CD album in my library – not available on Apple Music

  4. The Doors

  5. The Doors

  6. Édith Piaf

  7. Scott Matthews

  8. Radiohead

  9. Arcade Fire

  10. The Doors, Jim Morrison

  11. Radiohead

  12. Jeff Buckley

  13. Fleetwood Mac

  14. Bob Dylan

  15. It's The Doors Live In Pittsburgh 1970 that is in my library rather than this compilation which includes it – not available on Apple Music

  16. The Raconteurs, Jack White

  17. Grateful Dead

  18. Radiohead

  19. Arcade Fire

Most listened albums is an album list curated by thedimpause:

ian mason ― @thedimpause in many places ― more info at ― he/him

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