Marvin's top twenty-ish albums

What are my all-time favorite albums

  1. Yo-Yo Ma, Johann Sebastian Bach

    Bach and Yo-Yo Ma - there aren't enough superlatives. Also, a great recording; if you're listening on headphones or a good system in a quiet place, you can sometimes hear him breathing or shifting in his seat.

  2. Boston

    This is the first album I ever bought. One of the greatest debut albums ever. Holds up over time.

  3. Dave Brubeck

    This is the 2nd jazz album I ever bought. This introduced me to piano based jazz music. One of the all-time greatest jazz albums.

  4. Ella Fitzgerald, エラ・フィッツジェラルド

    My introduction to vocal jazz music. Ella's perfect voice with Cole Porter's music and lyrics. Even if you're not a fan, there are a lot of songs you know and would like.

  5. Electric Light Orchestra

    The 2nd album I ever bought. Still love it. Not all the songs hold up - but nearly all are still great.

  6. Gustav Holst, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Charles Dutoit, Yvgeny Svetlanov, …

    Introduced to me on my mission. "Set down in January 1945, this is the earliest and most exciting of the five recordings under the composer [Dutoit] who, in the words of the composer [Holst], ‘first caused The Planets to shine’."

  7. Indigo Girls

    1st or 2nd CD bought after my mission. Love their music, lyrics, and harmonies. This is "courting music" from Deborah and my dating/engagement.

  8. Miles Davis

    One of the preeminent jazz albums by preeminent jazz musicians. The night I watched the video "Sting: Bring on the Night" [1985?] and was introduced to the power of jazz music, we went to Tower Records in Anaheim and I asked one of the workers, "If I want to buy my first jazz album, what should it be?" This was it.

  9. Nina Simone

    This isn't my favorite album, but has many of the same songs. I have a different CD and have created a playlist to recreate it - for some reason my album doesn't stream anywhere. Here's the Allmusic info

  10. Oscar Peterson had 2 primary "Trios", and these performances near the end of his career combine them into a quartet. Absolutely amazing.

  11. Pink Floyd

    The Wall. 'nough said.

  12. Pink Floyd was "94.7 KMET" or "95.5 KLOS" music in the 80's and I didn't really listen to that (preferring 106.7 KROQ). I went to a Laserium show at the Griffith Park Observatory set to this complete album, and I became a fan.

  13. Big fan of Sting/Police. Watched the "Bring on the Night" documentary, and this accompanying soundtrack was integral in my musical evolution.

  14. Talking Heads

    I became more than a casual fan of the Talking heads in 1982 or 1983 when my older (senior) friend P.J. Smith played almost exclusively Talking Heads anytime we went anywhere in her car. The video "Stop Making Sense" sealed the deal for me.

  15. The Lemonheads

    Buddy Feenstra introduced me to the Lemonheads one year at our families' annual Clearlake vacation. This album and also, "Come On, Feel the Lemonheads" are both great albums.

  16. The Stone Roses

    Introduced by Ben Crosby via Pandemic music challenge. It's in fairly regular rotation - also, for Everett.

  17. Favorite U2 album.

  18. Violent Femmes

    First album I got in trouble for.... :)

  19. It's hard to pick a favorite X album for me, there are several that I regularly listen to. This was the first one I had in around 1982, then went back to prior 2 albums.

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