2023 Albums

Discovered, rediscovered, and/or heavily listened to in 2023.

  1. Sincere Engineer

    I first heard Fireplace months ago when it came up on a radio shuffle, and I love me an angry bop. Was surprised to find it was an early single. The albums now out and the whole thing sounds much tighter than their previous efforts, well done. I expect they’re going places.

  2. Dayseeker

    A friend was recently telling me that she’s been getting into music that “envelopes” in a wall of sound. Sometimes I like that too. This does that for me. It’s on the verge of pretentious, but I don’t think it goes over that edge.

  3. No Pressure

    This pop punk is so nostalgic it’s like being swaddled by a warm baby blanket and stress just melts away.

  4. I’ve been listening to this since last year, and there’s no stopping now. Smart lyrics, catchy beats—I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.

  5. It was never a phase, it’s a lifestyle.

  6. Origami Angel

    They can’t decide if they want to be emo, math rock, hardcore, or stadium rock, but I appreciate the decidedly "heavy" spot that they they landed.

  7. Alvvays

    Is it shoe-gaze? Is it lo-fi? Is it pop? I don’t know, but it makes my ears happy. I want to drive long distances to this.

  8. Paramore

    Welcome back. Insert emoji of me dancing.

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