Current Rotation 2023

  1. Dayseeker

    A friend was recently telling me that she’s been getting into music that “envelopes” in a wall of sound. Sometimes I like that too. This does that for me. It’s on the verge of pretentious, but I don’t think it goes over that edge.

  2. The Beths

    I’ve been listening to this since last year, and there’s no stopping now. Smart lyrics, catchy beats—I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.

  3. No Pressure

    This pop punk is so nostalgic it’s like being swaddled by a warm baby blanket and stress just melts away.

  4. Anxious

    It was never a phase, it’s a lifestyle.

  5. Origami Angel

    They can’t decide if they want to be emo, math rock, hardcore, or stadium rock, but I appreciate the decidedly "heavy" spot that they they landed.

  6. Alvvays

    Is it shoe-gaze? Is it lo-fi? Is it pop? I don’t know, but it makes my ears happy. I want to drive long distances to this.

  7. Paramore

    Welcome back. Insert emoji of me dancing.

This album list was curated by Matthew Lettini.
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I’m Good Enough.

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