Favorite album covers of all time

Just beautiful album covers that I always enjoy looking at.

  1. Radiohead

    From Wikipedia: Describing the album cover, Donwood said: "It's very colourful — I've finally embraced colour! It's a rainbow but it is very toxic, it's more like the sort of one you'd see in a puddle."

  2. Run River North

    Isn't it cute?

  3. I like the photo manipulation on the front cover. When I bought the album as vinyl, I was even more excited to see the photo seamlessly continued on the back and all the artwork for the album was just as beautifully realized.

  4. Talos

    Don't know what it is, how it was made, but I enjoy looking at. And my brain seems to like the complimentary colors.

  5. The National

    I just want to live in this house. Nothing more to say.

  6. Mac Miller

    It seems like I'm into photos on a white background as album covers. But it's a beautiful double exposure that perfectly captures the mood of the album. What can I say?

  7. Jamie xx

    It's illustrative. It's colorful. It's simple. It's iconic (at least for me).

  8. Frank Ocean

    Iconic photo shot by Wolfgang Tillmans.

  9. LP1
    FKA twigs

    Hyper-real artwork by Jesse Kanda, showing Twigs between reality and fantasy. I love how vivid the face looks.

  10. Die Höchste Eisenbahn

    Nautical flags on a cozy looking sweater? I'm sold!

  11. Arctic Monkeys

    I'm into photography and especially the look and feel of analog photography. So no wonder I like the cover of this Arctic Monkeys album. The image was taken by the bands drummer Matt Helders.

  12. The cover shows three radar image layers of the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh and India. However, even without knowing what it is, it is beautiful to me.

  13. Abby

    Simple, Illustrative with a beautiful typographic solution for the album title/band name.

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