My Top 10 of the Rolling Stone Top 50

Picking my favorite 10 out of Rolling Stone's top 50 all-time albums. Listed 1-10.

  1. Paul Simon

    While I knew a song or two, I didn't hear this album until 10 or 15 years ago. Instantly loved it.

  2. On repeat through the end of college, which led to a song picked for our wedding dance.

  3. Miles Davis

    There's a reason this is a classic.

  4. D'Angelo

    I haven't heard much by D'Angelo that isn't just as smooth as anything.

  5. Stevie Wonder

    I went through a deep Stevie Wonder phase in the 2000s, leading to many album purchases.

  6. Radiohead

    A weird, wonderful classic.

  7. Fleetwood Mac

    This album is listening to hit after hit.

  8. Sorry. It just is.

  9. Michael Jackson

    Sorry again. Taken on its own, it's amazing. "You're a vegetable / You're just a buffet"

  10. Marvin Gaye

    I didn't come to this until probably around 2000. Then it spun on repeat for days.

My Top 10 of the Rolling Stone Top 50 is an album list curated by Barry:

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