My Top 10 of the Rolling Stone Top 50

Picking my favorite 10 out of Rolling Stone's top 50 all-time albums. Listed 1-10.

  1. Paul Simon

    While I knew a song or two, I didn't hear this album until 10 or 15 years ago. Instantly loved it.

  2. Lauryn Hill

    On repeat through the end of college, which led to a song picked for our wedding dance.

  3. Miles Davis

    There's a reason this is a classic.

  4. D'Angelo

    I haven't heard much by D'Angelo that isn't just as smooth as anything.

  5. Stevie Wonder

    I went through a deep Stevie Wonder phase in the 2000s, leading to many album purchases.

  6. Radiohead

    A weird, wonderful classic.

  7. Fleetwood Mac

    This album is listening to hit after hit.

  8. Kanye West

    Sorry. It just is.

  9. Michael Jackson

    Sorry again. Taken on its own, it's amazing. "You're a vegetable / You're just a buffet"

  10. Marvin Gaye

    I didn't come to this until probably around 2000. Then it spun on repeat for days.

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