My favorite albums

  1. Frank Ocean

    Deeply introspective, I connect with the themes here—love, loss, identity.

  2. Björk

    This album is a sonic journey with ethereal, otherworldly sounds.

  3. Tame Impala

    Psychedelic feel, great writing.

  4. Sampha

    Cohesive with emotional depth — and that voice!

  5. Beach House

    Dreamy sonic landscape; mesmerizing and hypnotic.

  6. Radiohead

    Ethereal, haunting, and emotionally resonant.

  7. Radiohead, In Rainbows

    Stripped-down, poetic, and emotionally resonant.

  8. Mac Miller

    Calm, introspective; deeply personal.

  9. Kendrick Lamar

    Great storytelling, thought-provoking, layered.

  10. Lush; resonant themes.

  11. Madvillain, Madlib, MF DOOM

    A classic; clever rhymes, amazing production.

  12. Tyler, The Creator

    Great storytelling; emotional weight.

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