Albums listened to in 2024

  1. Bears In Trees

  2. King Pink

  3. Hannah Diamond

  4. Blackbraid

  5. Bears In Trees


    Real chance my favorite of the year.

  7. Bruce Springsteen

  8. Days Spent

  9. Taylor Swift

  10. Dead Necessity

  11. Green Day

  12. The Notorious B.I.G.

  13. eevie echoes, The Locations

  14. I Love Your Lifestyle

  15. Mansions

  16. feeble little horse

    Random pick based on an IG video of someone saying this was there #1 album from last year. And you know? Pretty good!

  17. The Wonder Years

    Whenever I need a good cry.

  18. Not as strong as "Never Better", but still a heavy hitter.

  19. Niiice.

    Put a hole in the digital file of this one. Not a bad track on here.

2024 is an album list curated by Brandon Hamrick:

Just dootin' about. he/him

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