2024 Listens

These are albums that I first discovered in 2024. I've spun them all frequently.

  1. Metric, Formentera

    I mean also, like the next album…yeah!

  2. Metric, Formentera II

    On repeat today. Some of these songs hit very effectively. (Looking at you, "Nothing Is Perfect.")

  3. Minnesota Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä, Gustav Mahler

    This is a very nice rendition.

  4. Olivia Dean

    This has kind of been on repeat as I try to figure out search ads for another product we're working on. Sad that this great music will be tied to search ads in my head! (h/t Adam Wood)

  5. Andrea

    Listened once and put in my work concentration playlist for the year.

  6. Sarah Jarosz

    Jarosz is so good. Favorite is "Columbus & 89th". When the soft bass drum kicks in near the end. 🧑‍🍳😘 That song is the reason to own good headphones.

2024 Listens is an album list curated by Barry:

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